Speaking Engagements

The Busted Knuckle Garage® has been recognized nationally in print publications,  television, and radio. Warren is a speaker with presence, knowledge, and passion.  Warren has taught college level classes for six years in business and entrepreneurship. We continue to look for publications and other media outlets to work with in:

  • Sharing our story.
  • Providing expert advice to the automotive and motorcycle hobbyists. Knowledge of trade shows, national events, and current trends with this wide-ranging niche demographic.
  • Speaking engagements in entrepreneurship, small business start-up, and Personal Creativity in Business—development of business possibilities, and brand development, trends and information about automotive and motorcycle themes.
  • Offering provocative human interest story line in the companies’ unusual origins, self-made success, pursuing a passion with every day tests of successes and challenges.
  • Stories that capture customers that are authentically wild, crazy, humbling, touching and engagingly ordinary.