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Start-Ups Rapidly Turn Into Mega Brands

TrendhunterThe Busted Knuckle Garage. Balmy Palms.  Life is Good.  Johnny Cupcakes. What do all these brands have in common? They all started as bootstrap lifestyle brands, with a few logo t-shirts created by innovative founders on a shoestring budget. And they’ve all carved out unique niches and had remarkable success catering their lifestyle brands to targeted segments of consumers. These brands enable wearers to express their passions and make statements about their lifestyles (or desired lifestyles).

The Busted Knuckle Garage offers a line of t-shirts and gifts targeting “wrench-twisting car guys, bikers and wannabes.” Started from the founder’s garage, this brand now offers more than 200 products and has been featured in Entrepreneur and Brandweek magazines.  Read more…

Costco Connection

Costco ArticleGarage Brand: Warren Tracy’s Busted Knuckle is a Total Gas

This is the story of a business that began as a logo. There was no building. There was no merchandise. Heck, there was no idea of what kind of merchandise there would be if there was merchandise. Just a logo, a name and a man with an entrepreneurial dream. Read the article (PDF 268 KB)

Brandweek ArticleBrandweek: Brands on the Verge

Dude, Here’s My Car: Founder Went From Ranch to Wrench

Wanna moisturize while modifying that Mustang? Busted Knuckle Garage sells skincare, clothing, garage decor and novelties for mechanics who are pro—and not so. Read the article (PDF 65 KB)

Tools & Fabrication @ Press Release

Mac Tools and The Busted Knuckle Garage Cash in with Unique Gift Items for Car and Motorcycle Enthusiasts

Prescott, AZ (October 4, 2007) – The Busted Knuckle Garage, (TBKG) a brand of Almost There! Inc., a unique gift shop for wrench turning car and biker enthusiasts, has announced that eight of their new products will be added to the Mac Tools November sales flyer. The Mac Tools November sales flyer contains a vast cache of tools and gear, including items for the family. Read the Press Release (PDF 85 KB)

Sports Car Market

Sports Car MarketAs if the Busted Knuckle Garage Mini-Toolbox wasn’t enough to clean up the clutter on your work bench, take a look at their new Work Bench mat. A non-slip project mat protects and keeps your work area clean. Imagine being able to find things you just put down? What a concept. Read the article (PDF 2.16 MB)

Tri-City Business News

Tri City Business NewsLead, follow or get out of the way. This adage could apply to business.

A successful business owner should focus only on leading. If they follow others, they most likely will be one step behind. If they get out of the way, they might as well let their competition run them over and put them out of business.

Starting a business is difficult; keeping it successful is hard and requires work and attention to detail. Read the article. (PDF 374 KB)

Entrepreneur Magazine

Entrepreneur MagazineWhen Warren Tracy stumbled out of bed in the middle of the night in August 1996 and scrawled a foggy idea on a piece of paper, he didn’t realize he had just started his next business venture. A year later, Tracy refined and trademarked that late-night doodle to launch The Busted Knuckle Garage®, a gift company that now offers 150 distinctive, branded items for car and motorcycle enthusiasts. Read the article (PDF 206 KB)

Arizona Republic Newspaper

Arizona RepublicThe company recently caught the eye of Entrepreneur Magazine, which selected it as one of six businesses in the country to receive a year’s worth of promotional and technical support from eBay and ProStores. The company’s Web site,, also received a makeover, and Tracy is profiled in the magazine this month. Read the article (PDF 227 KB)

The Yavapai Yellow Sheet

Yavapai Yellow SheetThere’s no such place, of course, as The Busted Knuckle Garage®. Unless you believe, as Warren Tracy does, that it’s at the end of all our driveways. Tracy, whose thriving retail, wholesale, catalog and Internet business grew out of the basic truism that mechanical work will wreak havoc on your hands, built the garage that isn’t really anywhere, and wants to share it with his customers. “It’s about celebrating the experience of tooling with your vehicles,” he said: It’s not ours, it’s yours. It’s your Busted Knuckle Garage.” Read the article (PDF 891 KB)